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Wisconsin Helps Country Take A Step In The Right Direction

August 2, 2009

Some people just suck at being parents.  It’s an unfortunate fact.  In most of these situations, there are mechanisms in place to protect the child and punish the parents.  They may be imperfect, but they exist to help those who can’t yet help themselves.  Laws in the United States (and most civilized societies) state that parents are responsible for providing the basic necessities of life for the child.  One of these would be basic medical care.  Failure to do so often results in removal of the child and prosecution of the parents.  At least that’s what happens as long as the parents are just garden-variety assholes.  If they’re neglecting or abusing their child as part of a religious belief (the term ‘religious belief’ casts a wide net in this instance), they are protected by law in many situations.



More Woo From Harkin

July 25, 2009

Over the last several months I’ve found myself more excited and enthusiastic about science than at any other point in my life. In parallel, I’ve become more and more frustrated and angry at the amount of nonsense that gets peddled to the public as genuine and plausible science. I wanted to do something, but I was missing that crystallizing moment that would whip me into a state of righteous indignation. Then along came Iowa’s own Tom Harkin.