Exposing A Cult: Latest Revelations About Scientology

A lot of information about the inner-workings of Scientology has come to light in just the last couple of months as increasing numbers of former Scientologists have spoken publicly about their experiences in the organization.  It has to be considered a major failure for a group that guards its secrets so closely and works so hard to maintain a specific public image.  Unsurprisingly, Scientology spokesmen and lawyers have vehemently denied the accusations being made and attempted discredit the defectors.

The most recent torrent of information seems to begin with a major three-part story that appeared recently in the St. Petersburg Times.  For the story, the paper interviewed Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, the highest rankings executives to ever leave the organization (you may have noticed by now that I refuse to refer to this particular cult as a church), as well as Amy Scobee and Tom DeVocht, also former executives.  They detail a culture of intimidation and physical abuse at the highest levels of Scientology, beginning with the organization’s current leader, David Miscavige.  In response to the accusations, Scientology has released documents from the individuals’ ethics files.  To advance within Scientology, subjects must pen confessions or soul-searching memos to better themselves and examine what has gone wrong in their lives.  They are essentially Scientology’s version of Catholic confession.  In addition to their importance in advancement, these documents also give the organization a cache of written material to use against those who leave and speak out against it.  It would be like a priest going to your family, friends, even the press and disclosing what you declared in the confessional booth.  Ah, the loving arms of Scientology.

Since the article was published, the Times has received more testimonials from former members, emboldened by the original piece.  Four more individuals now claim to have been physically beaten by David Miscavige in addition to Rathbun, Rinder, and DeVocht.  The details in the story should be looked at with a skeptical eye, but considering the independent corroboration from different individuals as well as previous knowledge about Scientology, it seems likely there’s a lot to this.

But the fun doesn’t end there.  In the last couple of weeks, a classified Scientology contract was leaked (full pdf document here).  The contract is a requirement for anyone hoping to serve as a staff member in the Scientology organization as a Class V Org member.  It is likely very similar to contracts that the defectors mentioned above would have had to sign.  Visit here for a nice rundown of some of the specifics.

All of this information obviously builds on what is already public knowledge.  The policies of ‘Fair Game’, disconnect, and psychiatry/mental illness denial are well known and incalculably destructive.  Scientology advocates the physical and financial ruin of those who speak against it, obligates that members cut all ties with friends and family members not involved in the organization, and forces members to reject medical treatment for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, postpartum depression, etc.  In addition, Scientology requires increasingly exorbitant amounts of money to advance (an individual who reaches OT9 has spent a minimum of $365,000, likely much more) within the organization.  It does all of this and calls itself a ‘church.’  It’s contemptible.  Thankfully, despite all the slick advertisements, legal bullying, and flashy celebrities, it seems the truth of Scientology is leaking out little by little.  And that’s good news.

For more information on the inner workings of Scientology, see the Jason Beghe interviews.


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  1. bipElaply Says:

    Through you championing details. It helped me in my task

  2. ralphyking Says:

    Read Amy Scobee’s explosive book!


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