Evolution In Action

This will be a short post, but I wanted to point out a very cool study that will be coming out in next month’s American Naturalist.  Researchers have observed two bird populations as they begin to split into separate species.  In addition, this bit of speciation is being caused by a single gene.  As these two populations become reproductively separated, and thus two distinct species, researchers will be able to observe process of speciation from the beginning.  Exciting stuff.



2 Responses to “Evolution In Action”

  1. awfrick Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that the aviary population evolves the quickest and the changes are most evident within their species. It seems to follow, seeing as how ‘Darwin’s Finches’ is a pretty solid theory.

    • AH Says:

      That’s not something I’ve come across. I’d be curious to hear what mechanism (genetic or otherwise) would explain that if true.

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